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# Emergency in France: Information for International Students, Tourists and Professionnal Expatriates


*Being healthy is very important to succeed in study
*Inappropriate or late decision towards emergency may lead to serious health problems and DEATH
*Are students in general well prepared to that ?
*Are international students really awared of healthcare system while coming in France?
Health issues among students:
*Food intoxications
-Hygienic and food preservation issues
-Alcohol acute poisoning (cause of death)
*Stress, and depression
-Fatigue, no proper sleep during exams or after parties
-Changing of environment and food habits, cultural differences
-Symptoms: restless, anxiety, loss of sleep or appetence, fear, and bad feelings, ...
*Diseases related to unsafe sexual practices (AIDS, ...)
*Self-medication, and lack of appropriate treatment
*No proper gynecological and genital guidance (birth control, ...)
What to do when you feel sick?


In France, never go directly to the hospital for any general medical consultation (Only for emergency or specific health problem)
*FIRST, consult a General Practitioner (GP) who will refer you to a hospital Doctor, if necessary
*Check carefully your health insurance before going for a consultation, and do not forget to carry along with you your social security card or certificate
*Be prepared to pay the consultation fees (23 euros) by cash or check ONLY
*Note that some consultations (specialists, dentists, ...) are more expensive, and may require specific treatment
*Hospitalization could be very expensive as well
*Transportation to or from the hospital are NOT FREE, and are charged separately (Not included in the consultation fees)

. For any general Health problem:

You have to consult a General Practitioner (GP) who is in France the first line medical doctor :Working hours (Monday - Friday) from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm

.Contact the medical Call center « Medi'ligne 59 » (team of 8 GPs on duty) located in the north of France

Phone : 03 20 33 20 33

In case of Emergency

In case of emergency (unconsciousness, panic, severe pain, severe bad feeling, palor, extreme anxiety, accident, hemorragy...)

Call 15 (SAMU)
Free phone call from any phone provider

In case of emergency outside France, call 112 (Emergency number of EU)
What is important to tell when you call « 15 »?
*Give the name of the patient and address
*Tell that you are a foreign student and that you do not speak or not understand French
*Describe carefully the situation:
•Accident, hemorragy, pain
•State of consciousness, and convulsions, etc

Don't panic and answer the questions!

In case of risk of poisoning

If someone has accidentally or intentionally swallowed drugs, medicines, chemicals or plants etc..

• Never wait till symptoms appear
• Never give milk or water without consulting a doctor
• Never produce vomiting
• Never go directly to hospital
• Always call a Poison centre

Phone : 03 20 44 44 44

Lille Poison control center

available 24H / 7

Free of charge medical consultation by a medical toxicologist to get appropriate advise

For International students in Lille:

1) CPSU (Centre polyvalent de Santé Universitaire)
67, Boulevard Vauban, 59800 - Lille Phone: 03 28 04 02 40

2) PLANNING FAMILIAL : education and prevention of sexual transmission of diseases and contraception

16, Avenue Kennedy, Lille Phone: 03 20 57 74 80

Information for International Students, Tourists and Professionnal Expatriates
Emergency :call 15
Poison center :
CPSU (for International students):
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